11/11/17 - The mural (inspired by Ocean Current Flow patterns) began this week.  The students are hustling to make progress before it gets too cold.  We also inserted the windows and trimmed the doors.

10/30/17 - This week we applied a coat of marine primer and two coats of marine paint to the roof, sanding in between layers.  We've also been brainstorming ideas for a mural.  

10/14/17 - We began applying epoxy and cloth to the roof this week.  Still more of that to go.  We also attached a drip edge, bowed trim pieces and some corner trim.   We placed an order for our 8 windows which should be in in 3 weeks. 

10/8/17 - The fascia boards and soffits are now up.  We also filled holes, sanded and primed the exterior of the tiny house.  On Weds, 10/11, 4-6pm we'll host and ATH Open House to share our progress. 

9/30/17 - We put up a bowed roof made of 6 sheets of 3/8" 4x8 sheets of exterior grade plywood atop 9 arches.  We've also been getting the word out that students are invited to pitch their ideas of how to paint the tiny house.

9/24/17 - Using 3/8" plywood, we added the exterior walls and cut out the windows and doors.  Next, the roof...

9/15/17 - This week, we measured, cut, nailed and erected the tiny house walls.  It's been great to see students on the UNE Biddeford campus get involved!

9/8/17 - The pontoons went for their first trailer ride this week, from the UNE Portland Campus to the Biddeford Campus, and are now jacked and leveled at their new site.  We purchased 2x3's and will frame the walls next.  The fall semester is underway and I've been inviting students to get involved.      

8/30/17 - This week we jacked and blocked the pontoons up 3' so we could slip the trailer underneath and traveled from Portland to Biddeford.  Great news!  We received a Project Grant from the Maine Arts Commission!

8/22/17 -  The floor is down, access hatches in place, a hole cut for a see-through aqua port.  The "amphibious" part of the project is nearing completion.  We're making decisions on windows and doors now.  Next step is to lift the pontoons onto the trailer then we'll move on to framing the tiny house.  

8/15/17 - We've been capping the bow and stern bulkhead tops, adding layers of fiberglass, epoxy, marine primer and paint, prepping hatch holes and getting the pontoons ready to enclose with the floor.  The pontoons are nearly complete and we'll start building the tiny house soon.  We're very pleased that Hammond Lumber is going to sell us materials at cost for the tiny house!

7/12/17 - We built the struts out of pressure treated 2x6's, began bolting them to the bulkheads, attached the stringers to the inside of the pontoons and began painting the hulls.  

7/4/17 - We all took a nice long vacation break, during which time I worked on the tiny house design, building plans and materials list.  

6/6/17 - We finished the epoxy on the exterior of the pontoons, applied two coats of bottom paint and flipped them over.   

5/20/17 - We're still applying layers of epoxy to the pontoons lately but...  Big News!  We ordered our trailer!  It should be in by the end of June.  Thanks to Portland Yacht Services for allowing us to order it through them at cost.  Also, Hamilton Marine is now supporting the ATH by giving us a discount on supplies.  We'll keep working a couple of days a week in our Portland UNE shop through the summer and move to the UNE Biddeford Campus for the fall semester, so we can get more students involved.  Our goal is to complete the pontoons and frame the tiny house by the end of August.   

5/5/17 - We've been applying layers of epoxy-resin and fiberglass cloth,  sanding between layers to keep the marine plywood pontoons water tight.  

4/27/17 - We hosted an Open House today with guest speaker John Noll with Submerged Lands Program, Bureau of Parks and Lands, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry, who spoke to our team about how to build the ATH so we meet state regulations.  

Our take away:  

1.  We must be a "houseboat", not a "float house" (in other words, we must be a navigable vessel)

2.  Include propulsion

3.  Include steerage in the front third of the houseboat

4.  Insure 180 degree visibility from the nav. station

5.  Follow all Coast Guard regulations

4/23/17 - Edges rounded, screw filled with epoxy/resin/colloidal silica and the surface sanded.   It's time to epoxy the bottom of the pontoons next. 

4/13/17 - The pontoons have been glued and screwed.  Now it's time to fill all the screw holes and seams, round the edges and sand, sand, sand.  The next step will be to apply the fiberglass.  

3/30/17 - The marine plywood and 2x4's have been cut.   We've put the puzzle together.  Now it's time to glue and screw and see the pontoons take shape.  To our delight, Air Head donated a composting toilet to our project!  Home Depot and West System gave us discounted materials.

3/24/17 - We kicked off with an Open Shop Party last night!  Plywood was just delivered this morning thanks to a discount from Downes and Reader Hardwood.  Saturday and Sunday we lay out the hull.  Measure twice and cut once!

3/11/17 - This week we received a donation of a futon mattress from Dow Furniture, a futon frame from ReStore in Kennebunk and 244' of 2x4's from Hammond Lumber!  These businesses rock!  The shop at 1075 Forest Ave in Portland is now set up and ready.  Right after spring break, we begin cutting the plywood for the pontoons.  Come for the Open Studio Kick Off Party 3/23 from 6-8pm.   This is a community project... all welcome!

3/5/17 - We now have the plans for the pontoons!  Check it out here!  Construction begins 3/23!  The UNE students survey has indicated that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the best days for "Open Shop" hours, so we'll begin meeting after spring break with an Open Shop Kick Off Thursday, 3/23 at 6pm. Mark your calendar!   ALL welcome!  (even if you're just curious about the project) Come see the shop, plans, new digs and learn more about the ATH project.  

2/27/17 - This week, I am fine-tuning the designs for the hull, to be constructed out of plywood, fiberglass and epoxy resin. I am meeting with boat builders and designers, getting input on the feasibility of the students’ design plans.  I am also shopping for a trailer, looking at DIY instructions for the systems.  I'll be setting up shop at Forest Ave and recruiting UNE students. Stay tuned!