This project has been made possible with support from the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation, the Maine Arts Commission and the University of New England.  

The Amphibious Tiny House will...

float on a mooring, can be trailered and parked
have a footprint of 8' x 16’ 
have two pontoons, 24’ in length
be 100% off the grid w/ solar panels 

have battery storage
have a composting toilet
have rain collection and filtration system 
have a galley with a sink, stove top and refrigeration
have a sun shower
include aquaponics 
have a see-through portal in the floor
have a deck on the bow and stern
have multifunctional interior and efficient use of space
be well designed and aesthetically pleasing

The windows are in, and now the students are hustling to paint the mural before it gets too cold.