Our trailer will allow the ATH to be parked, trailered or float anywhere!

The Amphibious Tiny House will...

float on a mooring, can be trailered and parked
have a footprint of 8' x 16’ 
have two pontoons, 24’ in length
be 100% off the grid w/ solar panels 

have battery storage
have a composting toilet
have rain collection and filtration system 
have a galley with a sink, stove top and refrigeration
have a sun shower
include aquaponics 
have a see-through portal in the floor
have a deck on the bow and stern
have multifunctional interior and efficient use of space
be well designed and aesthetically pleasing

Summer Shop Hours

Sunday, 9-6

​Monday, 9-6

Tuesday, 9-6

The pontoons are built and ready to be connected.